Online S.T.A.B.L.E Rules

Teach a Learner course via Web-Ex, Zoom, Vidyo, Microsoft Teams, GoTo meeting, etc. If you choose this option, the following strict rules apply.

  • This form of class will only be permitted for classes taught before June 30, 2020.
  • We will reassess this rule on June 1 and base an extension on the situation at hand.
  • Our biggest challenge with an 8-hour course is keeping the student engaged and attentive, therefore each student must complete the Student Responsibility and Attestation Form for Distance Learning Classes and return it to you (the person who will teach the course), before the student is enrolled in the course. The form is intended to present ground rules for Learner Course participation when they are not in a formal classroom setting.
  • Class size is limited to 12 students.
  • The Learner Attestation form can be located in the left column menu under “Teleconference Courses”.
  • No video recording of the Learner Course with later viewing is allowed.
  • When you submit the course roster, you’ll be asked for Presentation Type and need to confirm all attestation forms were received before the course offering.

Learner Manual is Required for Distance Learning (Teleconference) Classes

  • As always, each student must have a 6th edition (current version) Learner Manual for use during your distance course – teleconference presentation.
  • If students need to order a manual before the course, it can be ordered from us, AAP, or Amazon. Please allow enough time to order and receive the book(s) given potential service disruptions. If for some reason shipping is not allowed because of a national shutdown, the student can purchase an eBook from Apple Books or from Amazon Kindle. However, the optimal and preferred situation is for the student to have the printed book for use during the course.

Student Technology Requirements

  • The student must have the following:

  • A computer with a web cam and audio
  • High-speed internet access
  • Ability to join the online meeting program (Web-Ex, Zoom, Vidyo, Microsoft Teams, GoTo meeting, etc.)
  • The student must turn on their webcam so that you can see your students at any time during the presentation and they need to be able to view your computer screen which will display the S.T.A.B.L.E. Learner course slides. Ideally there is a way to also make yourself visible to your students via your webcam.
  • FaceTime (or similar) participation as the only means of attendance of a Learner Course class is NOT allowed.


  • The final 8 MIXED MODULE test questions should never be emailed to any students. You should plan to put the questions on your computer screen and then they can select their answers.
  • You should plan to email students the Post-Assessment Answer Sheet prior to the course and they need to transmit that answer sheet to you before their name can appear on a roster.
  • The rules for ‘passing’ the course are otherwise the same:

  • Students must complete all module quiz question sections.
  • Students need to pass the mixed module test (2 or fewer wrong). For those who score 3 or 4 wrong, you will need to meet with the student by phone or whatever safe method you have, to review the incorrectly answered questions.

We are sure that this process will need modification as we move forward. Please know we are doing the best we can do to adjust to this very fluid situation.

As you come up with good ideas for making this work better for everyone, please email the S.T.A.B.L.E. office by sending an inquiry from the Contact tab on our website.

Thank you for your involvement with The S.T.A.B.L.E. Program, and for making a meaningful difference in the lives of your students and families that you serve.

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